About Us - Ejji Studios "Why Do Ordinary When You Can Do Something Ejji?"

I am Ejji

There is one single vision and that is to produce something Ejji (pronounced eh-gee). Ejji is a photography company that seeks to reach new heights in the field. Though I currently operate out of Jonesboro, Arkansas, I willingly travel to new areas. Through the combination of great eyes and a creative mind, I intend to produce the Ejji-est and most provocative images. Photography is more than just snapping photos, it is a vision and an artistic way to express so many things. It is not only the idea of the person behind the camera, but the subject in front of the lens is a key element in making great work.

What is "Ejji"?

I get this question a lot. Many people approach me and ask, "What is Ejji and where did you get that name from?" It's simple...I was searching for something that described me and my style of shooting. I kept thinking (edge). So I began to look up edge in other languages and I came across the Japanese word for edge, which is 端 or "Ejji (pronounced eh-gee)." The rest as they say is history.


a. A margin of superiority; an advantage: b. A penetrating, incisive quality: c. A noticeable sharpness d. Keenness, as of desire or enjoyment; zest: e. A rim or brink: f. The area or part away from the middle; an extremity g. A dividing line; a border: h. A provocative quality

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