Hey! I’m Andrew, affectionately known as “da Paparazzi”, the guy behind the camera. For as long as I can remember I've always had a camera in my hand. I was the kid that was always capturing moments with friends and family. It wasn't until college that I realized that I was more than just a guy with a camera. In college I begin to explore my creative side and experiment with lighting. My love for photography began to expand.

I enjoy capturing breathtaking portraits that tell a story or capture a  specific moment in time.  Sometimes the image is a reminder of the beauty in all of us, other times it's to provoke an emotion. Photography is my passion and my creative outlet.

I constantly encounter phenomenal people who have forgotten how amazing they are. They sometimes feel defeated or they feel that they aren’t pretty enough to take beautiful portraits.  My goal is and has always been to show my clients what I see when I look at them through my third eye (my lens). Its so often that we forget who we are and how perfectly created we are. It’s my desire that these images start the process of healing and provide  a refreshed sense of self.


What is "Ejji"? I get this question a lot. Many people approach me and ask, "What is Ejji and where did you get that name from?" It's simple...I was searching for something that described me and my style of shooting. I kept thinking (edge). So I began to look up edge in other languages and I came across the Japanese word for edge, which is 端 or "Ejji (pronounced eh-gee).

EDGE a. A margin of superiority; an advantage: b. A penetrating, incisive quality: c. A noticeable sharpness d. Keenness, as of desire or enjoyment; zest: e. A rim or brink: f. The area or part away from the middle; an extremity g. A dividing line; a border: h. A provocative quality

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